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I do commissions in two steps.  Pay first 1/2: I use this money to purchase materials and it also pays for my design time.  Pay last 1/2 before I send you your quilt.  Contact me for more details on the process.  Photos of the landscape you have in mind and the space where you wish to have the quilt are extremely helpful.

For Purchases: Contact me and I can send you an invoice via email from PayPal. It's simple and easy to use. All quilts sent by USPS are sent with a tracking number.  Shipping costs will depend on your address.

For Quilting:   I will gladly finish quilting the quilt you've had in your closet. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rebecca Fricke was a pleasure to work with on our Wall-Hanging Quilt Project. Her system was well thought out, from concept, payments, layouts, to final product. Rebecca finished the project earlier than we needed, she kept me updated at each stage in the process (even sending an image of the un-stitched quilt), and her final product is nothing short of exquisite. She took the verbal and visual ideas I provided and produced a lovely piece of art that represents Storey Publishing and our ideals of living off the land, farming, and country living. The quilt is to be raffled off at the end of May at Book Expo Americana. Currently we have it hung up in our office. It is a unanimous feeling at Storey that we wish we could keep it — it is such a treasure!

Kristy L. MacWilliams
Marketing Coordinator
Storey Publishing


Rebecca Fricke, Amherst MA