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(posted on 18 Nov 2008)

I'm in production mode. In the past few weeks I've made over sixty sewn cards, five birch tree wall hangings, a large maple wall hanging and I finished a VT commission which I had trouble sending to the person who paid me for it! I have a fair coming up at the Center School in Greenfield, MA and I am trying to put together a collection of work for some potential gallery shows at local venues and two shows in May including the Amherst Women's Club and a spring TWIST fair. All this mixed in with Mothering, LWV, AEF and a few side jobs!

TWIST was exhausting, exhilarating and a very good learning experience. The customers were friendly, supportive and plentiful and the organizers were caring and on top of things. I look forward to participating again in the spring. To top off the experience - I even made some money which will cover some of my start-up costs! Thanks!


(posted on 10 Aug 2008)

On September 5th and 6th I am going to be part of a new and exciting craft fair - Chicago style - in Northampton. Come and check it out!

(posted on 18 Jul 2008)

Art Behind the Barn

This is a picture of me at my first sales event. "Art Behind the Barn" is held at our CSA - Brookfield Farm in Amherst. I successfully sold my quilted cards and had some interested people take my business cards and look at my newly compiled portfolio. The cards will be a nice source of income once I get used to the process of mass producing them! Thank you to Liam for taking the picture.

(posted on 17 Jun 2008)

Check out for a cool mom's review of my quilting! The review is entitled, "How to buy an American Quilt" and it was posted June 17th. After the 17th you should be able to find it archived under bedding. Thanks cool moms!

(posted on 10 Jun 2008)

My Big Needle a.k.a. My HQ Quilting Machine was delivered two weeks ago. Since then I have quilted three baby quilts and loaded up a fourth! In the meantime I have learned how to legally bookkeep, bought a few essentials like a radio, a garbage can, a table and chair, accepted a sewing machine from my friend Jenn, taken a great chest of drawers off a college kid's lawn (with his help) and organized my cloth. I've decided everyone with any kind of art or craft deserves a studio - especially an air conditioned one with a view of apple trees.

(posted on 10 May 2008)

*** The big news is that I am now the "Sole Proprietor" and "Doing Business As" Bedscape Designs!

*** In a few weeks time I will be renting a studio and buying my very own giant quilting machine. No excuses, full steam ahead.

*** I am currently working on about a dozen baby quilts, several full size quilts, a couple of commissions and two wall hangings based on the Amherst area including one of a winter sunset and the other featuring Paper Beeches in April.

*** I have work being sold at Monkey Business and The Claw Foot Tub.

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