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I Love You and I Love You - SOLD

Fiber: Women’s Cotton Undergarment, wool yarn, acrylic paint

“We should have been born later…. One or two hundred years from now the world would rejoice with us.” - Mabel Loomis Todd

What if Mabel were alive today? Envision the modern Mabel taking her desires, her love and her passion and sewing and painting them into her clothes. I’m guessing Mabel and Austin would have gone so far as to tattoo each other’s names onto their skin along with images of the valley nature they so admired together.

Moments after Mabel first sang for Lavinia Dickinson and the hidden Poet Emily, Emily wrote Mabel a poem which starts with the line “Elysium is…” and ends with the line, “The opening of a Door ----.“ Since Elysium is a concept of the afterlife and both Austin and Mabel often thought about how their love could feel divine and yet be considered sinful, and because Mabel cherished this personal poem from Emily, I decided to include it along with yet another significant moment they shared – a sunset.