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Sleeping With Dragons

A bedtime story is quilted into this quilt! Look carefully at the stiching and you will see the cursive writing and pictures to illustrate the story. The appliqued patches of brown corduroy is quilted with scales. The label on the back has the story printed in fabric pen and my signature.

Once upon a time there lived a dragon
Not far from the dragon's cave was a castle
In the castle lived a princess
One day the dragon saw the princess
running in a meadow filled with birds and butterflies
When the princess saw the dragon she was afraid
I mean no harm said the dragon to the princess
Believing he spoke the truth the princess walked with the dragon
Speaking of favorite colors geography and botany the day faded into night
Will you fly me home ased the princess
The dragon was happy to be of service and off they flew
The end of this story you will find in your dreams
- Good Night